Innovative point-of-prescription test for bacterial infections
that guides the treatment of antibiotics

Today antibiotics are often prescribed empirically based on a patient’s symptoms. Such treatment is very often ineffective and aids the development of antibiotic resistance.

The Spectromics solution is a diagnostic that can guide antibiotic treatment. Simple and rapid to operate, it is ideal for use at the point-of-prescription.

This powerful new tool from Spectromics has been designed to help in the fight against growing levels of microbial resistance to antibiotics – one of the world’s greatest challenges.

The development takes the form of a fast, simple, accurate and cost-effective test for bacterial infections that identifies anti-microbial susceptibility/resistance during a patient appointment. It then provides guidance on the most effective treatment for a particular pathogen and which drug to prescribe.

The test, which is based on novel technology from The University of Manchester, allows rapid, more targeted use of antibiotics, eliminating ineffective empirical prescriptions. This means that, because prescriptions are only issued when susceptibility is verified, healthcare professionals can administer the right antibiotics on a patient’s first presentation.


Spectromics at a glance

  • New novel and proprietary point-of-care test for bacterial infections
  • Identifies in minutes microbial susceptibility/resistance
  • Identifies whether a patient has a bacterial infection and, if an antibiotic is required, provides guidance on which drug to prescribe
  • Prescriptions are only issued when susceptibility is verified
  • Accurate, simple to use, cost-effective technology
  • Phenotypic not genotypic – keeps pace with pathogen mutation, ideal for Gram-negatives where the resistance phenotype can be encoded by hundreds of genes
  • Improves stewardship of our precious drugs