PRESS RELEASE 11 / 09 / 2014

Spectromics Limited, a medical diagnostic company providing a smarter way to tackle antibiotic resistance, using its rapid point-of-prescription test, is to be showcased at the Conservative Party Conference later this month.

Spectromics, a spin-out from The University of Manchester earlier this year, has been selected as one of 12 companies to be showcased at the Conservative Party Conference that runs from 28th September to the 1st October at the Birmingham ICC.

Not a political issue, but one of national importance
The UK government has taken strong leadership on putting antibiotic resistance on the agenda globally. It has featured at G8 / G7 meetings and the UK Chief Medical Officer has even published a book on the looming threat that requires action by industry and governments.

With Antibiotic Resistance posing an ever increasing threat in the treatment of infectious disease, the Spectromics technology provides a novel and unique tool that can better use our existing antibiotics, as well as manage the conservation of last-line antimicrobials.

About Antibiotic Resistance
One of the major causes of antibiotic resistance is that patients are treated without the use of diagnostics to guide treatment today, this is often termed empirical treatment ie. try a drug and if it doesn’t work prescribe another and so on. To-date this has been the case because the tests required to determine resistance or susceptibility of a panel of antibiotics has taken days to perform in a laboratory, distant from the point-of- prescription. This empirical issuing of antibiotics results in giving patients antibiotics when they don’t have a bacterial infection, or an antibiotic that the infection is resistant to, both these actions allow bacteria to build further resistance.

About Spectromics
The Spectromics solution is a 10 minute test that fits within a doctor / patient appointment and the test determines whether a bacterial infection is present, and if so which antibiotic/s will most effectively treat the particular infection.

Despite the rising incidence of antibiotic resistance, we still have a large number of antibiotics to use against infections, using these drugs effectively will reduce the escalation in resistance, and allow us to conserve last-line antibiotics.

The first test that Spectromics is developing is for urinary tract infection (UTI), the largest bacterial infection in man and accounting for 15% of all community prescribed antibiotics. The test is being designed to be simple to use by untrained staff as it’s expected to be predominantly carried out in primary care settings. However it will also have utility in institutional settings as in the US some 30% of UTI cases present at ER units due to patients feeling unwell and with a fever. By triaging patients in ER settings for UTI early the patient treatment costs associated with such infections in ER settings can be largely avoided (ER costs are 10x higher than in primary care according to a study carried out by the Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit last year).

A further target market is pre-natal testing where minimal, early and effective treatment can provide benefits in outcomes for both mother and child. Ineffective and delayed treatment can result in kidney infections, whereas overtreatment can bring the infant into the world with an increased antibiotic status.

Spectromics are currently raising a Series A financing round and interested in talking to prospective investors.

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